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Secretary Clinton announced "… over the past few years wildlife trafficking has become more organised, more lucrative, more widespread and more dangerous than ever before”.

Hillary Clinton's call for action on illegal wildlife trade - South Africa [2013 © US Department of State]

US State Secretary, Hillary Clinton at the Wildlife Trafficking and Conservation event in Washington, D.C.

It has been almost 40 years since the US Department of State hosted the ‘World Wildlife Conference’, which culminated in the adoption of CITES to bring international trade in wildlife under control.  At the recent Wildlife Trafficking and Conservation event, held on 8 November, in Washington, D.C., Secretary Clinton echoed ‘A call to Action’.

CITES Secretary-General, John Scanlon, echoed the same sentiment "Today we are witnessing seriously escalating levels of illegal trade in elephant ivory and in rhino horn, which is pushing these species towards extinction.  We welcome the leadership once again coming from the United States as we confront new threats to the survival of our wildlife.”

The ‘Call for Action’ includes four elements:

  • Increased diplomatic efforts

  • A global outreach campaign

  • Strengthened and expanded enforcement areas

  • A concerted global response

Combatting wildlife crime will be high on the agenda of the Conference of the Parties to CITES in Bangkok, Thailand, 3 – 14 March, 2013.   At this meeting 176 Parties to CITES will consider major enforcement decisions, including on elephants and rhinos.

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Published Date: 14 Nov 2012