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Media Articles

The African Poaching Crisis - an article written by the ICCF on the unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade - posted November 2012.

Hilary Clinton on wildlife trafficking -Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the Partnership Meeting on Wildlife Trafficking at the Department of State - posted 8 November 2012 on the US Department of State website.

Gamble in the jungle - The dark, dense rainforest of Congo is a forbidding prospect - for tourists and tour operators alike - an article written by Sam Knight, Weekend Financial Times, UK, posted 19 October 2012.

Ugandan army chopper cited in elephant poaching - an article written by John Njoroge, Sunday Monitor, posted 16 September 2012.

Ivory becomes Africa's latest conflict resource - an article written by Jeffrey Gettleman, International Herald Tribune, posted 4 September 2012.