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Donating to African Parks


Donations made to African Parks are tax deductible if made via our USA, UK or Netherlands funding structures, which are registered charities. Unless specified, 100% of each donation goes directly towards our conservation work in the field. (This is made possible by the fact that our overhead costs are already covered.)

You can choose to contribute to African Parks in a number of different ways:


As a Strategic Partner:

Our strategic partners are institutions, corporations and individuals who have the ability and desire to make a substantial and long-term impact on wildlife conservation in Africa. These are our core group of funders who fundamentally believe in our management model and whose contributions ensure the sustainability of our parks. Funding contributions typically exceed US$500,000 per year.


as a Major Donor:

Our major donors are often individuals, foundations or NGOs who have the means to engage with us on a substantial level. Funding contributions range from US$100,000 a year and make a substantial difference to the viability of a park or our portfolio in general.


 as a donor

Our donors contribute US$25,000 or more on an annual basis to our conservation work, typically focused on one of our parks.



Biodiversity conservation is a growing priority for major corporates and for many forms an intrinsic component of a company's Corporate Responsibility programmes. African Parks is dedicated to high-quality impactful relationships with our corporate partners. By partnering with African Parks you are not only committing to biodiversity conservation but also to improving livelihoods through local community programmes. African Parks also offers a variety of park conservation activities and volunteer opportunities for your staff, clients and shareholders.


Leave a Legacy:

An increasing number of donors seek to leave a legacy by bequeathing contributions to the African Parks endowment fund after their death. These funds may be earmarked for a specific park, or committed to the portfolio of parks in general. We have advisors who are able to help you to structure a bequest in a tax efficient manner, and we would welcome such a discussion.


Contribute to OUR Endowment Fund:

The African Parks Endowment Fund was established to contribute to the long-term financing needs of our organisation. There are a number of sub-accounts which enable individuals or institutions to pledge funds to our organisation as a whole or to individual parks in the African Parks portfolio. We would welcome the opportunity to engage with you should you wish to make an enduring contribution to African Parks in this manner.


how is your contribution made tangible?

You can choose to donate through the tax efficient funding structures which have been set up for African Parks in the USA, Netherlands and the UK. For further information on donations to African Parks, you are welcome to contact one of the following individuals :

Mr Peter Fearnhead
Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Sophie Vossenaar
Director Fundraising Europe
+31343565013 | +31626132645

for the Netherlands :

Mrs Sophie Vossenaar
Director Fundraising Europe
+31343565013 | +31626132645

and for the United States :

Ms Nicole Mollo
Executive director in the USA
+1-646-8632422 | +1-917-3643831